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  • Trade Prince Jamal Vazeer

    h3. His Majesty the Great Dragon Prince of Hadah Trade Prince Jamal Vazeer is the leader of the Hasadhi city of [[Hadah]]. His coat of arms is a four-headed dragon, and like all of the four Trade Princes of the [[The Dominion of Al Hasadh | Dominion of …

  • Bob Ogden

    Bob Ogden is the halfling bard 'intern' travelling with [[The Stellar Alliance | the Stellar Alliance]]. Far removed from her jumping out of the bush beginnings, she now travels the world learning as many spells as halflingly possible. She has a cool …

  • Al'fred

    Al'fred is the butler and servant of the Sparrow clan, hired by [[Jacuzzi Sparrow | Jacuzzi]] with the funds he'd earned for helping to kill [[Berylbane]]. Al'fred is now employed by Jacuzzi's sister, [[Sasha Sparrow]].

  • Keemara Lodi

    Keemara Lodi is a fire genasi sorceress and a member of the infamous [[The Black Hand | Black Hand]]. She is known for a sarcastic sense of humor, and a generally distrustful attitude towards the people around her. She posesses a great mastery over magic …