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  • Reelim Inn

    The Reelim Inn is the inn located in the town of [[Ruggleton]]. It is a fine establishment run by [[Amelia Tosscobble]], and serves as the town's social hub. It was established by Edward Reelim centuries ago, and was the first building to be finished when …

  • Silverwood

    bq). We are a proud people. We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees. -[[Queen Janella Eldersong]] The nation of Silverwood is the oldest in all of Verenia. Established over a century before [[Emperor Tyrellius I]] united the east to …

  • Ruggleton

    Ruggleton is a fishing village on the west coast of Silverwood, and the place where the events of [[The God in the Waves | The God in the Waves]] took place.

  • Esolan

    Esolan was a village known for being the home of the crafters of the legendary [[Methu'Ni]], bows that allegedly allow their wielders to never miss. The town was slaughtered and abandoned years ago, with the only known survivor being [[Katariah …