“Aboleths are dicks.”
- The Stellar Alliance

Aboleths are aquatic aberrations. They are known for their intense psionic abilities, their god complexes, and their creation of the chuul. Aboleths are one of the three major races that make up the controlling interest of The Infinite Empire.

Physiology and Abilities

Aboleths are large slimy beasts. They have tentacles reaching out from the back of their bodies, and large maws filled with row upon row of sharp teeth. Surrounding the beasts is a caustic mucus layer that causes any creature that is not an aboleth who interacts with it to contract a horrifying physiology-changing disease.

The disease causes the infected to slowly become amphibious. Their skin gets covered in its own mucus layer that needs to be replenished with water on a regular basis lest the bearer wish to suffer intense pain as their skin reacts negatively with the open air.

Aboleths also the most psionically gifted race in all of the multiverse, with powers that allow them to reach out on a much larger scale than any other creature. Their domination is usually complete and all-consuming, being the hardest to overcome with sheer force of will, as it lasts indefinitely once it sets in. Only severe physical harm has been seen to give a person a chance to break the effects of an aboleth’s domination, as they’re reminded of the reality of their existence.

Aboleth psionics are so overwhelmingly powerful that when an aboleth is given access to a creature’s minds through telepathic contact, only the most powerfully warded minds, trained in psionic disciplines themselves, can keep it from gaining access to every thought, fear and desire. Aboleths tend to leverage this ability by contacting creatures telepathically, looking for an opening and then immediately taking it if the creature responds, feeding them images of their worst nightmares realized.

Lastly, aboleths are creatures of legendary significance, meaning they have the ability to fight large groups of enemies efficiently if need be, using lightning reflexes and leveraging an extreme control over the areas they claim as their lairs.


Arguably the most prominent of an Aboleth’s weaknesses is also one of it’s greatest assets: it’s aquatic nature. While aboleths are the indisputable masters of watery environments, they are limited in areas where they do not have access to water. They are painfully slow on land and the lack of mobility can help abate some of their more vicious physical attacks. It also makes it easier for a creature engaging it in melee to avoid the effects of it’s mucus layer, although one should still be cautious of it.

Notable Aboleths


Yngukulub was an aboleth that came into the material plane through the last great confluence. Upon entering the material plane, he commissioned the creation of a temple to his glory, and set chuul workers to fetch for him magical items to build up his hoard and his glory. After realizing the world was in chaos and there were no creatures he could truly exercise his dominance over, he decided to slumber until the next Confluence, when the barrier between planes would be thin enough for him to contact the Infinite Empire. He sealed his temple away and began to sleep.

Over the millenium, his chuul would spawn every year, seeking out magical items for the glory of their master. Eventually, the silverite people established a fishing village by the name of Ruggleton, and the chuul began to try and take the magic being used to ward their village. A group of Verenian Watchers was annually dispatched to take out the chuul every year, but having never found the Yngukulub’s Temple, were unable to permanently quash the threat.

When Yngukulub awoke near the date of the next confluence, he was delighted to see that there was a village of potential slaves ready for the picking, and so he began to start enslaving them and restoring his temple to the glory he felt it deserved. After a few weeks of this however, the Stellar Alliance was hired to handle the premature resurgence of the chuul, and took the fight to Yngukulub’s lair, eventually slaying him.


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