Alarick Preston

Alarick Preston is the current Archdruid of the Circle of the Dancing Stones, having taken over for Garrell after his passing. More jovial in his past, the past few years of imprisonment have hardened Alarick, and he has become a lot more rough around the edges. With time though, it is hoped by all who know him that he will return to his old self.

Betrayed By His Pupils…

Alarick has always been a good druid, which often rubbed some of the other druids the wrong way, and among the leaders he wanted to be more involved in the affairs of the world, while another group disagreed vehemently, wanting to stay out of other’s affairs and focus solely on the protection of Mistwood. It was his skill that earned him leadership and respect in the among the druids of the Dancing Stones.

While Alarick would often leave for days and weeks at a time, living off the land, it was odd though that he’d leave the amber amulet that he used as a druidic focus behind. When Candy found it unattended at the home they shared, he had a gnawing feeling that he wouldn’t have forgot it, but he hoped that Alarick would return. The truth was far more sinister.

As part of a plot to take the power of the Circle for himself, the dragon Veredestraz manipulated a faction of druids within the circle into betraying the others and giving it over to him. His most effective pawn was the druid Garrell, who was one of Alarick’s most staunch opponents in the Circle. Garrell was one of Alarick’s students centuries before, but had become his equal. The two battled, and Garrell won with the help of his half-dragon allies. The druid left Alarick alive, however, as he and his dragon master had plansa….

Archdruid of the Circle of the Dancing Stones

It was a few years later when Veredestraz was hunted down by a group of Verenian Watchers known as the Stellar Alliance. Somehow, the villainous creature had been using The Heart of the Dancing Stones to take control of Alarick and use his magic to assert his dominance over Mistwood. The Stellar Alliance slew the conspirators and freed Alarick, and he has since taken over as the Archdruid of the Circle of the Dancing Stones.

Alarick Preston

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