Aurellian Archive

Named for Emperor Aurellius I of Elandria, the Aurellian Archive is the largest library in all of Verenia. The Archive takes up many city blocks with buildings that appear to be made of solid gold. It is watched over and maintained by The Archivist, Cornelius Hedd and his silver dragonborn faction of scholars and librarians known as the Knowledge Keepers.

Access to the Archive is open to all who seek knowledge, but only those who complete a lengthy screening process that culminates in an interview with Cornelius himself are allowed access to the deeper parts of the library, and even they are not allowed access to some of the library’s deepest and most restricted chambers.

A Veritable Hoard of Knowledge

While not known to the public at large, the company of The Verenian Watchers known as The Stellar Alliance have discovered Cornelius’ secret: he is actually an ancient silver dragon, and the archive is his hoard.

Aurellian Archive

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