“To rob a dragon is a foolish thing indeed, for when you earn the dragon’s fire, so too, you bring its fire.”
-Ancient Hasadhi proverb

Berylbane was an adult blue dragon living in the region known as the Thundering Sands in Al Hasadh. The beast, despite being one of the older dragons in all of Verenia, was weak and lazy, living a pampered existence feeding off of those foolish enough to try and brave his domain. None truly knew of his existence until a group of Watchers calling themselves the Stellar Alliance entered the region on a contract. The dragon was in possession of the gem they had been hired to retrieve, and thus he was in their way.

To Rob a Dragon

Using clever tactics, the Stellar Alliance tricked the wyrm into leaving his lair, just long enough to break in and steal treasures from his hoard. They ran away from the lair to face the beast out in the open, and successfully slew the beast, earning them a reputation as dragon slayers, and a hefty sum from their employer, Trade Prince Jamal Vazeer.


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