She’s a great lady!
- Some drunk

The enigmatic woman known only as Cassandra is a self-proclaimed seeress. For the price of 75gp, she will tell anyone their fortune. Most people who have used her services have found that while her fortune telling is cryptic and vague, it almost always proves to be true. While one would think that she could make more money by providing visions to returning customers, she will only ever give a vision once.

Over the course of the Stellar Alliance’s adventures, each has spoken to her to learn their fortune:

  • ‘You have experienced much loss in your life. The one you distrust has met with the friend you have lost, and is looking for you.’
  • ‘I see a teacher, betrayed by his pupils, and trapped in a cage of his own making by a patriarch of venom.’
  • ‘I see that your life is ruled by silver. You need to decide if that is sufficient. For while it can be a key to much needed knowledge, it can also breed distrust: a concept your reality is shaped by.’
  • ‘I see a woman with a heart of stone, worshipping secrets that wish to consume the world. Your most valuable asset against her is the enemy you didn’t know you had.’
  • ‘I see a stag the color of ash. On either side of it are a beautiful elven maiden and a stern faced human, and they are pulling as hard as they can on the tortured creatures horns. On its back sits a knight in a winged helm, flogging it. The beast is dying.’

Upon the last meeting, it was revealed to Stephon that Cassandra is a worshipper of Delarys. It was also revealed that under certain intense prophecies, much like the one Stephon was given, Cassandra may have no recollection of what she foretold.


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