The Learned God, Mistress of Magic, The Queen Arcane

Delarys is the progenitor of magic in Verenia. In Silverwood, she is said to have studied Astorias’ creation for eons, learning how it was built and shaped, before finally granting that knowledge to the mortal races. The Elandrians also have adopted worship of Delarys and they agree that she was the one who granted the mortals knowledge of how to use magic, but as for whether or not she has any connection to the creation of the world, they couldn’t care less.

Delarys promotes the sharing of knowledge in all of its forms, and views it as the responsibility of those who have it to share it with those who do not. She abhors secrets of all kinds, and views transparency as the key to survival of the mortal races. Without transparency, there can be no trust, and without trust, society crumbles. Shrines to Delarys can be found in all forms of libraries, schools, and academies throughout all of Silverwood and Elandria.

Her attitude towards secrecy has led many to believe that she has a bitter rivalry with Vecna, but as nobody ever speaks of the Whispered One in public (at least nobody decent or sane), this isn’t usually discussed or seen as an active element of her worship.


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