Heroes of Silverwood

When a person does a heroic deed that is beneficial to all of Silverwood, the current reigning monarch has the option to award them a medal signifying the debt of gratitude that the nation owes said person. It is one of the highest honors a silverite citizen can be awarded, and is the highest honor an outsider can be awarded.

The honorific is not often granted, and when it is the entirety of the silverite Senate, the archdruids of the three druidic circles, and any and all citizens are called in to view this honor being granted by the monarch themself.

Effectively, any senator of Silverwood, noble, commander of Silverwood’s armed forces, or archdruid is unofficially obligated to show a Hero of Silverwood the utmost hospitality, and grant them an audience upon request. To deny a Hero of Silverwood is not illegal, but it is a serious political faux-pas.

The most recent recipients of this award were the group of Verenian Watchers known as the Stellar Alliance, and their ally Galohgorn Froststeel, for their service to the nation in hunting down the dragon Veredestraz.

Heroes of Silverwood

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