Katariah Lavelathorn

Katariah “Kat” Lavelathorn is the elven ranger of the Stellar Alliance.

Alias: May Be’laris; Katariah Be’laris

Katariah is known to many as a harsh loner, who gives little regard to those around her. However, those who know her personally know her to be passionate and loyal. Though she primarily has her own best interest in mind, she does often take her friends interests into account.

Kat had a troubled youth, spending a great deal of time alone in the forrests of Silverwood after her village, Esolan, had been destroyed by a cult following the mysterious High Dragon. After many years of lonely wandering, she started entering villages in an attempt to find out more about those who had destroyed her home, and killed everyone she had ever loved. In her studies, she learned of a place where she might be able to train to be better able to take on her past: The Academy of Verenian Watchers at Vigil.

At the Academy, Kat trained to be better able to use her instinct for survival. Along the way, she became close with the Archery master, a dragonborn named Bronwyn. It was him who had connected her with Jacuzzi Sparrow, a young Human cleric who had particular difficulty mastering the art of archery. It was because of Jacuzzi that Katariah became connected to the rest of her companions, and eventual friends, in the Stellar Alliance.

Katariah Lavelathorn

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