Magnus is the capital city of the Great Elandrian Empire. It is located in the center of the nation’s territory, on the coast of the Sea of Elandria. The city is the pride of the Empire and the home to some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the nation, and even the world. It is also presumed to be the home of the infamous Black Hand.

The Jewel of Elandria

Magnus has long been called “The Jewel of Elandria”, for it is one of the most beautiful cities in the empire. A vast network of canals spans the city, connecting major hubs together. Despite being one of the most densely populated centers in all of Verenia, much of the city is pristinely maintained by dedicated civil servants who employ magic and a large amount of elbow grease to keep the streets and canals spotless.

Six Districts

The city is comprised of six districts, each with their own subcultures.

The Temple District

The Temple District of Magnus takes up many city blocks with temples and shrines devoted to the worship of all kinds of gods. As Elandrians tend to be fairly open to the worship of any deity, there is always room for one’s specific ideological beliefs depending on how hard they look. The most common temples are those to the ‘Elandrian’ gods, specifically Cerys, Tyr, Tymora, and to a lesser extent, Helm. Worship of the gods who are taboo can be found here as well, in unassuming buildings, if a person knows how to find information.

The Market District

The Market District in Magnus is where one can find anything one could conceivably wish to buy. It is often said that if there is a buyer or seller for a specific item, they can be found in the Magnus Market District. The Market District is home to one of the only magic item shops in all of Verenia: The Bizarre Bazaar.

The Portside District

The Portside District is the place to buy fresh fish, meet interesting travellers from Rangorin and Verftet, and book passage to any of the location on the sea or in the ocean beyond.

Sea travel is not incredibly common or lucrative in Verenia. Explorers seeking adventure by sailing off into the ocean usually return with only disappointment to show for it, and many believe that all that there is to be found in the world exists on the mainland, or in Rangorin and Verftet. Nevertheless, the call of the open ocean is undeniable, and Magnus is home to the second-largest port in the empire.

Ships sailing to the open ocean from the Sea of Elandria have to brave the passage down the river that runs through Eastmarsh, which is capped on either end by the towns of Westharbour and Eastharbour.

The Imperial District

If Magnus as a whole is the Jewel of Elandria, then the Imperial District is the Jewel of Magnus. Home to the noble families of the Empire, as well as the seat of its governance, the Imperial District is a sight to behold. As you travel to the center of the district, the buildings all seem to become more grandiose and ostentatious. At the center of it is the Grand Palace of the Emperor, where Emperor Tyrellius VII himself resides. Half of the magnificent marble mansion is devoted to governance, and sees the various governors and imperial officials coming and going on obscure business related to maintaining and keeping the Empire strong, while the other half is simply a massive display of the Emperor’s vast wealth and power, providing housing to him and his family.

In contrast to Silverwood, a nation whose senate meets in the open with an invitation for all of its people to attend and observe, the government of Elandria meets in private, with only the relevant governors, advisors and of course, the Emperor himself in attendance.

In contrast with the home of the lawmakers, the enforcement of the law comes out of the esteemed Hall of Law, a building in which the judiciary council meets and holds court for legal cases of national importance. The building is maintained and inhabited by the High Priests of Tyr, clerics who serve the Evenhanded with fervor and provide direction and advice to the judiciary council (which in itself is made mostly of Tyr worshipers as well).

The Craftsman’s District

The Craftsman’s District is where the bulk of the ‘heavy lifting’ in Magnus gets done. The city’s blue collar workforce lives mostly in and around the district, and it is where most of the industry of the city takes place. From ship building, to wagon crafting, to arms and armor forging, the Craftsman’s district is where the hard labour is done.

Despite the images that such efforts bring to mind, the Craftsman’s District is possibly one of the friendliest and welcoming regions of the city. There is always more work to be done than there are people to do it, and as such many squares throughout the district are filled in the mornings by people looking to make wages for a day, and project heads seeking to hire them. It is said that if you want to make some gold, you need only be able-bodied and present to get a job. This open-style market means that many people make a living wandering the district and working on a different job every day. Many artisans built their experience by seeking out a variety of jobs in their field over the years.

The Archivist’s District

Rivaling the Imperial District in sheer beauty and awe-inspiring architecture, the Archivist’s District is home to the Aurellian Archive, and many other educational institutions of the Empire. The Arcanist’s Guild of Verenia finds its largest university in the Archivist’s District, taking advantage of the proximity to the veritable hoard of books stored in the Archive.

Places of Note

The Aurellian Archive

Named for Emperor Aurellius I of Elandria, the Aurellian Archive is the largest library in all of Verenia. The Archive takes up many city blocks with buildings that appear to be made of solid gold. It is watched over and maintained by The Archivist, Cornelius Hedd and his silver dragonborn faction of scholars and librarians known as the Knowledge Keepers.

The Bizarre Bazaar

The Bizarre Bazaar is an open-air market owned and operated by Boris “Honesty” Karlotovich, a tiefling businessman with an in-depth knowledge of the crafting of magic items.


Cassandra is a self-proclaimed seeress, who offers her services in telling the future of those who are willing to pay her. Many swear by her accurate, although cryptic predictions of the future.

The Sleeping Scholar Inn

An inn in the Archivist’s District, the Sleeping Scholar inn is a favorite for students of any of the many educational institutions in the area to come and relax after a long day of reading and study.


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