Queen Janella Eldersong

The woman has a way of somehow being the kindest I’ve ever met, while simultaneously being the most intimidating and terrifying. Don’t mess with her or her people and you’ll be fine. But step one toe out of line, and you’ll be locked up so deep beneath the Roots you’ll forget what the sun looks like.
-Berrian Galanodel, Commander of the Vedaren Rangers

Her Majesty Queen Janella Eldersong of Silverwood is the second monarch of the Fifth Age of Astorias. She assumed that mantle at the age of ninety-six after the assassination of her father, and has ruled since then. Many historians and scholars regard her as the one responsible for ending The Greenvale War, and while her critics are quick to point out the unfavorable conditions of the Treaty of Elysium, they have to begrudgingly accept that it is thanks to her that the nation is not currently at war with Elandria.

Many who know the Queen personally claim that she is wise beyond her years and compassionate to her people’s suffering. She has pushed for many different initiatives in the time of her rule, from an increase to the funding of the Vedaren to the establishment of better defenses around some of the less protected settlements in the nation. She has done her best to keep relations with the Verenian Watchers civil, and led a few key negotiations that kept the Academy of the Watchers in Bastion open, and even more impressively, politically neutral.

Her critics are often those who see her political policies of appeasement as keeping Silverwood from being the nation it could be. While many of them understand that an open war with Elandria would likely mean their end, they still feel jaded towards the Empire’s bullying tactics. “If she had half the backbone her father had,” they say, “the Elysian Fields would be flying the silverite flag right now!”. Many of those critics also cry foul when their fellows find themselves arrested for the various crimes they are often accused of committing. Whether or not the imprisonments are justified may be more of a subjective matter, but the Senate has not openly questioned her decisions.

Queen Janella Eldersong

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