The Abbey of the Watcher's Vigil

The Abbey of the Watcher’s Vigil is a holy place of Helm that is at the core of the Verenian Watchers’ history. The Academy of the Watchers in Vigil (and indeed, the rest of the city) was built around this abbey started by a group of paladins of Helm centuries ago.

The abbey has stood since its creation as a sanctuary, said to be blessed by The Watcher himself to be indestructible. It has survived seige from massive red dragons, invasion by goblinoid hordes, and has stood standing even when earthquakes have ravaged the land around it.

The abbey exhibits a few powerful enchantments. Any who step into it are immediately subject to the effects of a zone of truth spell that informs the building’s current caretaker as though they were the caster. Non-humanoid creatures, such as undead, fiends, aberrations, dragons, and others cannot willingly cross the threshold without the permission of the caretaker or a member of their family.

The current caretaker is Haldir Greyhart.

The Abbey of the Watcher's Vigil

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