The Knights Vigilant

We have seen our mortality, and it was… unsettling, to say the least.
-Theberos, Leader of the Knights Vigilant

The Knights Vigilant are a company of Verenian Watchers stationed out of the silverite city of Bastion. They are more than content to make their money doing whatever job pays the most, and seem to be primarily motivated by greed. It is suspected that they have taken jobs from the infamous Black Hand.

The company is comprised of Theberos the rogue, Allison the monk, Deimos the wizard, and Locke the cleric.

During the events of The Venom of Veredestraz, they joined with The Stellar Alliance to kill the vicious dragon, Veredestraz. Unfortunately, in the hectic string of battles, Locke and Allison both fell to the beast’s forces. While they had signed up with the intention to get a share of the treasure, the remaining members were so struck with grief, they gave up their share to hurry to someone who may be able to resurrect their fallen comrades.

The Knights Vigilant

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