The Vedaren Rangers

“To be honest, we aren’t that different from you Watchers. We roam the land, eliminating threats. We just go about it with a bit more… finesse.”
- Berrian Galanodel, Commander of the Vedaren Rangers

The Vedaren Rangers are a guild of highly trained rangers who operate in the nation of Silverwood. They practice stealth and survival, skills that allow them to operate in the wooded lands of Silverwood with ease. They are similar to the Verenian Watchers in that they actively protect people by eliminating threats, but there are a few key differences that distinguish the two factions: they serve the silverite crown, they don’t take pay for their work, and they more or less all use advanced survival skills and nature-based magic to protect people, whereas the Watchers employ a much more diverse set of skills.

In the Employ of the Silverite Crown

The Vedaren Rangers are a branch of the Silverite government. While they aren’t a police force meant to uphold silverite law, they are supported openly by the queen and the senate. They are not given pay for the work they do on a case by case basis like the contract-oriented Watchers, but are instead given a living wage paid directly from the national coffers. They also find that within the bounds of the nation they serve, they can usually find support and shelter from the people that live there.

The leader of the Vedaren is appointed by the senate directly, and consistently attends any and all meetings of the senate so that he may understand their will and see that it is met by the rangers. As such, it is a position in which there is not much hands-on work is done, but it is regardless a grand honor to be appointed. The current commander is Berrian Galanodel.

Specialized Survivalists

The Vedaren are all trained the same way, in a way that suits their work in the heavily forested nation of Silverwood. They are taught to fight using a combination of melee and ranged weapons, and some are taught to fight alongside animal companions. They are specialized fighters, and much of their training is focused on expertise with a specific type of weapon that suits them best.

They are also taught a bit of nature magic. Their magic usually focuses on the use of their environment to control their enemies and to enhance their abilities to attack or survive. They share a lot of spells with that of druidic traditions, although they also have an array of spells that are specific to their trade. Of particular note is a spell known as the Hunter’s Mark: a divination that gives them insight on how to better track and eliminate their enemies.

In addition to this mastery over weapons and nature magic, the Vedaren are also taught how to move quickly and stealthily, and how to track specific enemies. Each member of the Vedaren is taught everything there is to know about a type of being, which aids in their ability to kill it. The type of creature can vary between anything from dragons, to undead, to fiends, or even the humanoid races.

Survivalist Philanthropy

The Vedaren are also known to be generous to their allies in the world. They often leave caches of useful supplies in the wilderness, giving instruction on how to find them to other rangers and druids of the three circles. They have also extended good will to the Watchers, and allow the knowledge of the caches to be passed along to their rangers and druids, to varying degrees of success.

The Vedaren Rangers

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