Vampires are a class of undead creature that use shapeshifting and enchantment magic to feast on the blood of their victims. Legends say that the first vampire was a wizard by the name of Balthazaar Von Henrik who was attempting to find a way to live forever. In response to the study of lichdom, which he viewed as a hollow existence not worth living, he was looking for a way to thrive for eternity. Using magic inherent in blood, he sought to keep the soul intact through the process of creating immortality, but tragically only partially succeeded in his goal. While he did manage to prolong his existence indefinitely, he was cursed with an insatiable lust for blood and a severe allergic reaction to sunlight and running water, and would forever more be an undead creature. Balthazaar had a difficult time controlling his blood lust, killing indiscriminately all those that he loved, and to hammer home the tragedy, found that doing so transferred his curse to them, who would in turn transfer the curse to the people they inevitably killed, and so on…. In the years that followed, he slowly regained control of his faculties, but had lost all emotion and ability to empathize, and became a true monster in every sense of the word. After a few centuries of terror inflicted by him and his vampire spawn, a company of Verenian Watchers finally killed him and laid his soul to rest, but it was far too late. The curse of vampirism had spread too far to ever fully eradicate.

Physiology and Abilities

A new vampire is created when an existing one systematically drains a creature of all of its blood and buries that creature. The night following the burial, an unholy curse is placed on the ground, and a vampire is tied to it. A vampire cannot stray far from it’s burial ground, needing to return to it to rest every morning at dawn lest it risk losing all of its mental faculties and become a truly mindless killing beast.

All new vampires are typically feral creatures to begin with, at first unable to control their new primal urges, and enthralled to the vampire that turned them. If that vampire elects to give them agency, then over time they will regain their ability to think and rationalize as they could in life, but all emotions save for lust, pride and rage are either dulled or just missing completely.

Vampires bodies receive a number of beneficial effects that aid them in staying alive and hunting their prey. Vampires have the ability to shapeshift into wolves, bats and even clouds of mist, they can summon creatures of the night such as rats bats and wolves to their aid, their bodies regenerate so long as they are not in sunlight, they have the ability to effortlessly scale walls and ceilings without needing handholds, they can move supernaturally fast, and they can exert their dominance over humanoid creatures, charming them and turning them into allies.

For all of the beneficial effects that vampires possess, they have many disadvantages as well. Sunlight and running water actively harm them, causing them great physical pain and interrupting their regenerative abilities. Legends say that a vampire cannot willingly enter a threshold without the express permission of one who can. Radiant energy also interrupts their regenerative abilities.

Feral vampires, sometimes called vampire spawn, do not have access to all of the powers a vampire possesses right away. It takes time to manifest.

Misty Escape

No scholars know of this ability; it was uncovered by The Stellar Alliance and not taught to anyone as of yet. Powerful vampires such as Balthazaar Von Henrik possess it. When a vampire is depleted of its vitality, its body reverts to a mist form that can escape, retreating to its resting place. If it manages to return there, it can regenerate from even the most grievous of wounds over a period of a few hours. If it cannot return there in time however, it dies. This is how Balthazaar escaped the Watchers who ‘slew’ him those years ago and still lives to this day.

Notable Vampires

Namorin Redfellow

Namorin Redfellow was a vampire that was terrorizing the city of Northaven. He appeared to only be a feral vampire, and the vampire that turned him was never discovered or turned.

Balthazaar Von Henrik

The company of Verenian Watchers who call themselves the Stellar Alliance discovered that Balthazaar Von Henrik was apparently still alive, and living under the alias of Abraxis Finch outside of the city of Northaven, and later outside of the city of Husavik.


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