Vera's Ring of Mind Shielding

A ring made of a silver-hued semi-precious metal, engraved with an image of a brain on its flat top. Engraved in the band is text in an alien language, that when translated reads:
To my beloved Vera. Those bastards won’t know what hit them.

A ring of mind shielding is a magical ring that provides its wearer with protection from telepathic intrusion. While wearing the ring, a creature cannot be contacted telepathically unless they have chosen to be, and magic/psionics cannot read their thoughts, determine if they’re lying, or know their alignment or creature type.

Rings of Mind Shielding also have the added effect of capturing and protecting the soul of their bearer upon their death, provided no such soul is currently in the ring. If there is a soul in the ring, it is immune to the anti-telepathic effects and can communicate with its wearer at will.

This particular ring of mind shielding is in the possession of Stephon ever since it was found in the prison of the Infinite Empire under Northaven, and is inhabited by the eponymous Vera. She claims that in life, she was a doppleganger.

Stephon has agreed to Vera that he will try and restore her to life, and to that end has set out to find a cleric of Cerys named Pelior, rumored to be in retirement in the distant land of Verftet.

Vera's Ring of Mind Shielding

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