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  • Hadah

    Hadah is the northwest-most city in [[The Dominion of Al Hasadh | the Dominion of Al Hasadh]], ruled by [[Trade Prince Jamal Vazeer]].

  • Asarkham

    Asarkham is the central city of [[The Dominion of Al Hasadh | Al Hasadh]], ruled by [[Trade Prince Sakeem Lodi]].

  • Tural

    Tural is the southeastern-most city in [[The Dominion of Al Hasadh | Al Hasadh]], ruled by [[Trade Prince Anwar Fadel]].

  • Moram

    Moram is the southwest-most city in [[The Dominion of Al Hasadh | Al Hasadh]], ruled by [[Trade Princess Zahra Noor]].

  • Vigil

    The city of Vigil is located in the now-[[The Great Elandrian Empire | Elandrian]] Province of [[Elysium]]. The city is steeped in the history of the order of monster slayers known as [[The Verenian Watchers | the Verenian Watchers]], and is currently …

  • Ruggleton

    Ruggleton is a fishing village on the west coast of Silverwood, and the place where the events of [[The God in the Waves | The God in the Waves]] took place.

  • Northaven

    Against all odds, Northaven is a fairly bustling city in the far north of [[The Great Elandrian Empire | Elandria]]. Being in such an inhospitable environment makes Northaven home to only the heartiest of folk. The community lies on the shores of Lake …

  • Magnus

    Magnus is the capital city of [[The Great Elandrian Empire | the Great Elandrian Empire]]. It is located in the center of the nation's territory, on the coast of the Sea of Elandria. The city is the pride of the Empire and the home to some of the …

  • Husavik

    Husavik is a city on the northern island of [[Verftet]]. The majority of the city is elevated walkways on the opposing walls of a deep fjord, with bridges, ramps, stairs and ladders that lead from different platforms to others. Visitors to the city may …