Brackenwell Ferry

The Brackenwell Ferry is the service that provides daily trips between the northern and central islands of Verftet. The ferry trip takes roughly a day and a half to make it between its two posts. On each terminal, there is a tavern, a residence and the actual terminal building. The ferry’s on season starts partway through spring and lasts until mid-autumn, during which time it sees regular traffic. In the off season, the ferry runs much more irregularly and the crew are agreeable to unconventional services. It is understood by most that the ferry is not reliable in this time.

Ferry Employees

Donaar Brackenwell

Donaar is the human captain of The Lady Bess, the ship that runs the ferry back and forth. He is in charge of the ferry after inheriting it from his father, who inherited it from his father before him. Donaar has a very laid back attitude when it comes to his business, especially when it comes to the off-season, and is always happy to make an extra buck.


Kriv is the human man who watches over the central island’s terminal. He is not the most responsible of men, and has often been known to drink on the job and sleep through customers’ arrivals to the ferry terminal. Kriv means well, but seems to not take any of his work seriously, and many of the passengers to the ferry wonder why Donaar even keeps him on.


Glen is a dwarven man who likes his mischief, and has on more than one occasion conned unsuspecting passengers out of their money. He lost his wife to a kraken years ago. He made fast friends with Daryl when the Stellar Alliance chartered the service of The Lady Bess to Husavik.

Brackenwell Ferry

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