Husavik is a city on the northern island of Verftet. The majority of the city is elevated walkways on the opposing walls of a deep fjord, with bridges, ramps, stairs and ladders that lead from different platforms to others. Visitors to the city may have some qualms about the construction of the city, as it would lend itself fairly easily to collapse should a disaster strike, but the locals assure everyone that their engineers are so talented that there have only ever been two disastrous events that have happened in the entirety of the city’s history, and one of them was due to a deliberate attack by a group of giants.

Much of the city’s industry relies on fishing the inlet below the city and mining operations into the walls of the fjord. There isn’t much room to be building ships in Husavik’s uniquely vertical real estate, and as such, most of the sea vessels that flow in and out of the city are manufactured elsewhere. Nevertheless, Husavik is a common destination for trade ships doing rounds through the verflin islands, and is a common stop for ships from the mainland continent, especially ships travelling from the north looking to restock and gain some respite before making their way to Arndell.

Places of note

The Ancestor’s Ascent

The Ancestor’s Ascent is a large shaft that extends from the bottom of the eastern wall of Husavik and climbs all the way to the top. As far as anyone knows, it is a naturally occurring vertical tunnel, and local legend claims that those who are able to climb all the way to its top are blessed by their ancestors for their extreme athletic prowess. It is a challenge worthy of remembrance (see the section on verflin religion to better understand the significance of remembrance in verflin culture), and is one way that those who are forgotten might seek to atone for their misdeeds.

The Quiet Moon

The Quiet Moon is the seediest dive in all of Husavik, according to many of the locals. It has a reputation for collecting the nastiest of the city’s denizens, and as such, many people give it a wide berth. While those that you meet there are usually some of the toughest and most black-hearted people in the land, there is often information to be found among such people, if you can survive the asking.


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