Balthazaar Von Henrik

Balthazaar Von Henrik was the original vampire of Verenia. The man was a powerful wizard who was quite adept at using the forbidden and taboo practice of blood magic, which allowed him to use blood to amplify spells. He was fascinated by magical studies of immortality, convinced that there was a way to achieve it without damaging a person’s soul and becoming a lich. He thought that such an act only ever caused a person to exist forever, as opposed to the true goal of living forever. An archaic Elandrian proverb is widely attributed to him: “vitae non esse”, which means “life, not existence”. It’s meaning is generally interpreted as meaning that one needs to make the most of the time they have, even though its actual origin was a critique on lichdom.

Using blood magic rituals he created himself, he attempted to make himself immortal, but tragically only partially succeeded in his goal. While he did manage to prolong his existence indefinitely, he was cursed with an insatiable lust for blood and a severe allergic reaction to sunlight and running water, and would forever more be an undead creature.

In the early days of his curse, von Henrik had a difficult time controlling his newfound primal urges, and he ended up killing his wife, children and other loved ones. Their bodies were found days later by the community, and buried in a large and tragic funeral, which only became more disastrous when that night, all of his victims rose as vampires themselves and slaughtered almost everyone else in the village.

Over time, Balthazaar regained his mental capabilities. He exerted his dominance over those he turned, and began to slowly build himself a base of power, feasting on the people of Elandria for ages. After a century of terror, a company of Verenian Watchers rose up and allegedly slew him. They were unable to find and kill all of his thralls however, and vampirism unfortunately continued to spread over the centuries.

It was later found out that he had not truly been slain all those years ago. Living under the guise of Abraxis Finch, Balthazaar had fallen into relative obscurity, providing minor magical services as the town wizard of Northaven, a great reduction of his once legendary status. An incident occurred in recent times during which a vampire thrall was wreaking havoc in the city, and he hired The Stellar Alliance to investigate and kill that thrall. When the rookie company of Watchers nearly uncovered his true identity, he fled to the city of Husavik where they found him months later, and slew him.

His journal contains many secrets of his life, and is currently in the possession of Katariah Lavelathorn.

Balthazaar Von Henrik

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