Against all odds, Northaven is a fairly bustling city in the far north of Elandria. Being in such an inhospitable environment makes Northaven home to only the heartiest of folk. The community lies on the shores of Lake Caradin, a large body of water many miles long in each direction that spends most of the year frozen, save for the two summer months of the year where it is instead nearly frozen. Lake Caradin is home to the derulo fish, a popular species of fish known for its naturally flavorful taste; lauded as a delicacy throughout Verenia. While other lakes in the region also sport the fish, Lake Caradin is the largest and most bountiful.

Fish and Iron

Northaven is known for two chief exports: the Derulo Fish, and valuable ores from a rich iron vein that the town is situated near enough to support miners.

Only the Heartiest of Folk

The people in Northaven are mostly dwarves, half-orcs, goliaths, and particularly masochistic humans. Elandria isn’t usually known for many half-orcs or dwarves, the former being more common in Al Hasadh and the latter being more common in Verftet, but living in the town of Northaven requires a hearty constitution, and the relative strength and thicker skin of those races lend well to hardships brought on by the climate. Goliaths in particular thrive on the snowy conditions, many of them able to trace their lineage back to the stone and frost giants of the region.

A History of Industry

Originally, the city started as a mining camp for the Ironking Expedition – a group of dwarven miners interested in harvesting iron and selling it to the capitol. With time the expedition attracted a more diverse group of human and half-orc men. Over the years, the camp evolved into a small community, and ice fishing on Lake Caradin became a popular hobby. When one year a group of miners thought to bring back a shipment of dried derulo with their ores, the nobility in Magnus became particularly impressed and sent off people by the hundreds to help establish the town and elevate its status, creating incentives and promising riches to any willing to help “colonize the northern wastelands!” To facilitate the fisherman staying around all year the gentry began providing avenues for their families to make their residence their as well, shipping lumber and other materials in vast caravans to help build stable housing. Co-operation with the previously unaffiliated goliath tribes increased, lending to better relationships and eventually a welcome invitation for them to enter the Empire and receive payment and benefits for their traditional territory. Within a century of rapid growth, Northaven became a full city, and in the last fifty years a Teleportation Tower was established a mile out of the city, which has lead to further increases to the town’s economy.

The Ironking Expedition grew and expanded, renaming themselves the Ironking Mining Company after expanding their interests to a dozen other sites in that region and many others. Their influence on the city has lead to many dwarven mayors, and a culture where the miners are the highest class citizens outside of the gentry.

Places of Note

The Dewdrop Inn

The Dewdrop Inn is lauded as “the oldest and friendliest inn in all the north!” New visitors to the city are always recommended to visit there first before considering any other accomodations, which has lead to a distinct lack of options elsewhere in the city. The inn is currently owned by Elmira Voss, a Tiefling whose family moved in and created the inn with the goal of making it the number one place to stay in Northaven. Their efforts have been majorly successful, greatly increasing tourism to the city (for which they were paid a healthy sum of coin by the fish-hungry gentry). Elmira is always sure to be around the inn, taking care of customers and her all-important family business. She is fascinated by stories, and has collected a vast array of them in her years tending to the inn, making it a great place to go to hear an epic tale. The inn’s logo is a leaf dripping a single drop of dew.

Tewald’s Terrific Textiles (closed until further notice)

Tewald Twimblebee is a gnomish mage, and is legendary for the incredible turnaround of his terrific textiles. Although of mediocre quality, he churned out so much and for such low prices that he’d run many of the other tailor shops into the ground. It just went to show what a little necromancy can do for the crafty businessman.

Tewald, being a very suspicious person, maintained a policy of looking for offensive behaviour in anyone. He would rather lose a customer than let anyone insinuate anything about him or his business practices (he wasn’t exactly open with the whole ‘zombie-horde-making-his-clothes’ thing) and had a myriad of huge signs plastered all over his establishment: “Tewald’s Terrific Textiles retains the right to terminate transactions with clients with indescriminate justification.”

Poor Tewald ran into some hard times however, when a group of Watchers came by and uncovered how he got his stock. While necromancy in and of itself is not entirely illegal, desecration of graves is, and when his practices were linked to some suspicious incidences of grave-robbing, he was arrested for a lengthy jail term.

The Drowned Rat

The Drowned Rat Tavern is an establishment visited by the morally loose members of society. Rumor has it that the tavern is a meeting place for The Black Hand, an alleged guild of thieves and other criminals in Elandria. Moira Black is the proprietor, and she is a hard spoken woman, whose non-nosense attitude of quiet reservation only fuels the idea that she and her establishment have something to hide. While the atmosphere is off-putting to most people who stumble into the tavern by mistake, the cold and mysterious venue always seems to remain in business, despite the relatively low number of people who patronize it.

Turrim Arcanus

Turrim Arcanus is the name given to any of the arcane towers that make up the Teleportation Circle Network of Verenia. Run by Magister Alistair Goldring, the tower is responsible primarily for magical transportation to and from the city, as well as coordinating any studies performed in the region under the banner of the Arcanist’s Guild of Verenia.

Horace Pigeoncaller is the doormaster, and he’s a rather scatterbrained wizard who controls newcomers access to the rest of the tower and the city proper. When travelers teleport into one of the Teleportation circles, they are subjected to a slow and silence spell that is permanently centered on the chamber the circle is in. Horace’s job is to verify that they are expected and then either suppress the debilitating fields or activate a secondary enchantment that would teleport the people in the room to the astral plane. Not one to sentence people to death on a misunderstanding, he tends to opt for the former.

Flemming’s Halfway House

Isabelle Flemming was a human woman with a lot of heart. She started a center to give those down on their luck and addicted to substances a second chance, and literally hosts any people in need of some grace. It’s faced its fair share of opposition from the gentry and other ‘well-to-do’s, but has stood the test of time and seems as though it is going to stay. Since it’s inception, it has done a lot of good in the community. Karlon Lukthos, a half-orc and former alcoholic, is just one of the many people who’d turned his life around. He’s now the employed by the halfway house, and provides muscle and protection in the event that anything were to go wrong at the house.

Unfortunately Isabelle was killed in the recent months, and the establishment was given jointly to Karlon and Maye Underhill, a halfling friend of Isabelle’s.

The 32nd Precinct of the Imperial Guard

Captain Thomas McDonnell (a human) commands the bastion of the Imperial Guard in Northaven; the Empire’s 32nd District. He runs a tight ship, and disciplines his men severely should they be even slightly as corruptible as some of the other precincts in the empire. The 32nd Precinct, which covers much of the norther region of Elandria, is one of the most above-board precincts in the empire.


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