Teleportation Circle Network

The Teleportation Circle Network is a piece of shared infrastructure between the different nations of Verenia that allows its users (the extremely wealthy, or the incredibly skilled magical elite) to travel between high-importance cities of the world under the watchful regulation of the politically neutral Arcanist’s Guild of Verenia.

List of Locations on the Network

The following is a list of every permanent Teleportation Circle in the Network.

Usage & Registration

Usage of the Teleportation Circle Network is incredibly costly. The rationale given by the Arcanist’s Guild is that the cost to establish a single Teleportation Circle is immense (official figures claim it costs roughly 2,000pp), the ability to travel between national borders carries immense political weight and should only be done by those of an incredibly serious and politically-minded bent, and the level of magical prowess required to operate the circle is not achievable by the vast majority of magical practitioners within their lifetime.

There are three levels of access to the Teleportation Circle Network: Unregistered, Unskilled Registrants, and Skilled Registrants. An Unregistered user is anyone who has not registered with the network at all. An Unskilled Registrant is a member of the Arcanist’s Guild who is incapable of casting the requisite spells to operate the Network themselves, and a Skilled Registrant is someone who has proven their ability to operate the Network themselves, whether or not they are a member of the Arcanist’s Guild. Unregistered users must pay 200pp for a single trip over the network, Unskilled Registrants pay 20pp, and Skilled Registrants may use the Network for free.

Registration for a member of the Arcanist’s guild is included in membership of the guild. Skilled Registration costs 20pp, and the registrant must demonstrate their ability to cast the requisite spell.

Usage of the network involves someone reaching out to the destination circle’s doormaster (a member of the guild responsible for monitoring the traffic through the circle) via a sending spell or simillar magic, and then someone casting the teleportation circle spell when the aforementioned contact approves the teleportation. Every circle comes with a plethora of magical defenses that protect it from unauthorized usage.

Once registered to the Network, skilled registrants must pay a fee of 5pp to learn the requisite Sigil Sequence for a given city.

The Verenian Watchers

The nature of the Verenian Watchers’ mission makes having access to the Teleportation Network an invaluable asset. Because of this, the Arcanist’s Guild has worked with the Watchers to ensure that each of the Watcher academies has a permanent circle located in or near it. Despite that level of cooperation, the Watchers do not get any further exceptions insofar as costs and registration are concerned.

Teleportation Circle Network

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