The city of Vigil is located in the now- Elandrian Province of Elysium. The city is steeped in the history of the order of monster slayers known as the Verenian Watchers, and is currently home to their largest and most prestigious academy. The Watchers drive the industry in Vigil, bringing in large amounts of wealth from their contract work, and attracting all sorts of people who wish to ply their trade and live in “the safest city in the world”. Any Watcher worth their salt will tell you that Vigil being the safest city in the world is largely a myth: that while it is safer than anywhere in Rangorin, for instance, they get just as much business from people inside the cities walls as anywhere else.

While the vast majority of the populace live and breath on the presence, there is a not-insignificant portion of the city who are tired of the constant fanfare whenever a Watcher or Watcher-in-training walks down the street. Such people argue that Watchers are such a common occurrence in the city that people should be used to them by now, and that they don’t deserve any special treatment.

Elandrian on Paper, Independent in Practice

Vigil has long been understood to be independent of the governance of the world at large. Even when the Greenvale Alliance was formed around them and the political climate was unstable, Vigil remained politically neutral and was not targeted by any of the warring factions. During the entire war, in fact, the entire city was declared a sanctuary, where many people uprooted by the fighting in the lands around them could find safety under the care of the Watchers and people of Vigil. The city has not fully recovered from this, and many places within its walls are impoverished still, having spent the majority of their resources on humanitarian relief.

No nation, no matter how powerful, wishes to bring the ire of the independent organization, and the host cities of the Watcher Academies all enjoy varying degrees of independence from their ruling powers. No city exemplifies this as extremely as Vigil. Due to the fact that Vigil is centrally located within the mainland continent, it is considered vital that it, of all Watcher Academies, needs to remain politically neutral.

The Battle of Vigil

In the first few centuries on the Aurelian Calendar, the world was a dangerous place. The peoples of Verenia all lived in fear of the monstrous creatures of the wilderness. Any time they would establish a homestead of some kind, it would inevitably fall within a few years. In order to combat this, the goodly races’ only recourse were to build communities, as there was strength in numbers. However, this only served to prolong the inevitable attack by the monsters in the woods. Eventually, communities would fall and the survivors would scatter to the four winds, doing what they could to maintain their existence.

In the mid 200s (AC), an abbey to Helm was built on a hill by a group of well-trained paladins of Helm. They withstood many monstrous incursions to the land, and as rumors spread of their success, more and more the disheveled people’s of the world would flock to the abbey to build their farmsteads. Many attacks occurred throughout the years, but the devout followers of The Watcher kept their vigil over the people who depended on them for protection, and that soon became the name of the abbey: The Abbey of the Watcher’s Vigil.

In 274 AC, the people living under The Vigil enjoyed unprecedented growth and safety, and the community grew to unheard of size as it attracted more and more people. It was in that year that the Crimson Brood decided The Vigil was an affront to the natural order of things. The powerful family of red dragons began to make it a personal goal to destroy the township that had formed. The attacks started on a smaller scale at first, one or two young drakes would fly in and burn what they could before the Watchers of Vigil killed or maimed the beasts enough to make them retreat.

But the Crimson Brood was relentless. The years passed by and the attacks continued, becoming larger and more vicious in scale. As the Brood became more audacious, the rag-tag group of paladins realized they would need help. And so they reached out to the people in their community, looking for the brave, the bold, and the vigilant. They began teaching others in the things they new how to teach, and facilitating the learning of combat skills and defense against monstrous forces, inducting other extraordinary people, people who weren’t necessarily paladins or worshippers of Helm, but were nonetheless powerful enough to stand and fight. Then, in the year 283 AC, everything came to a head.
The entire Crimson Brood, dissatisfied that their siege was not going according to plan, decided to launch an assault on the town with everything they had. The battle was fierce, and many people gave their lives defending the Abbey of the Watcher’s Vigil, but after three long days of unrelenting combat, every last member of the Brood was slain. On that final day, the Watchers of Verenia were officially born. Over the years, the abbey and the city that had grown around it were renamed to the far less formal name of ‘Vigil’. The Verenian Watchers established their guild as the one we know today and spread out across the world, knowing that they could make the difference that could mean the peoples of Verenia could stand strong against the tide of monsters that crashed against them. The Abbey was expanded into the first Academy of the Verenian Watchers, and Vigil still stands to this day.


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